Game Fishing in Havelock Island

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  • Game Fishing in Andaman Islands
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Game Fishing:

Game Fishing or sport fishing is a term given to recreational fishing for leisure and adventure. The anglers love to chase fish for the sheer thrill of the sport and love for the fish. The sport involves catch and releases practise aimed at building awareness and conversation of fish species. It also provides an opportunity for anglers to learn about fishing which is a very adventurous and competitive sport involving various skills but also to learn about various species and the importance of their conversation.

The Andaman Islands have remained relatively untouched until not so very recent times. With very limited commercial fishing in these vast expanses of the sea in all corners and fishing activity restricted in reefs, many unexplored and untouched fishing spots have allowed a wide variety of fishes to grow big. If you get a chance to try your hand in angling, keep an eye out for all the variety of big and small fishes from reef, creek and the open sea.

Types of Fishes found in Andamans

Blue Marlin
Black Marlin
Dogtooth Tuna
Yellowfin Tuna

1. The Game Fishing trip requires a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 8 persons to board the adventure.  The fishing permit fees for Indian guests 500 rupees and 2900 rupees for foreigners.
You must leave at 8 am in the morning from Havelock Island to return by 5 pm in the evening, if you look forward to clicking awesome pictures with a scenic view at the backdrop.
The perfect fishing spots in the Andamans are Neil Island and Havelock Island.
The fishing community of the Islands strictly adhere to catch and release policy. The entire ecosystem should not be harmed because of a sport. By cooperating to the community, you derive a sense of happiness by not disturbing the natural ecosystem at the cost of fishing.
Note that all guests are requested to wear life jackets during the entire trip. Additional food or beverages can be taken as per requirements. A container is present on board to keep your belongings.

A sport combining the sense of adventure and surprise and what’s a better place to fish and angle than the deep and enticing seas of Andamans. Andamans, home to fishes of various species that are known to sometimes exceed 110 lbs in weight and 4 meters in length, which is hard to find anywhere else.


Transfers, Accommodation and fooding:

Once the package is booked, we apply for the permits on behalf of the guests. Our services also include transfers from Port Blair Airport to Havelock Island by cruise or ferries. Our company car is used for land transfers during arrival/departure and fishing days. Accommodation options are available in Havelock at Havelock Island Beach Resort @ Rs.4500 per night. All types of global cuisines are served in various restaurants in Havelock Island.


Which all species are found in Andaman Islands ?

The under water canyons and upwellings alongwith the rip currents make the waters of Andaman the

ideal breeding ground for all types of predators. The main species targeted in Andaman Islands are

GTs, Wahoo, Sailfish, Dog tooth, Yellow fin Tuna, Spanish Mackerel, Groupers and Marlin. Popping,

Jigging and Trolling are the most common techniques depending on the location and target species.


Which are the fishing locations around Havelock (Swaraj Dweep) Island ?

The most famous locations for big game fishing in Andaman are Barren Island (The

only active volcano in South Asia), Incredible Bank, Invisible Bank, Long Island, Hut

Bay and Mayabunder.

Fishing Season

The Fishing season in Andaman starts from October and lasts till May every year. The

fishing operations remain suspended from 01st June to 31st August every year due

to monsoon.

Weather of Andaman Islands

The climate is tropical, hot all year round, with a dry season from January to April,

and a rainy season due to the Indian monsoon, from May to November.


It is advised that the guests should get their trip insured for Sports Fishing and

cancellations due to weather conditions.

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