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Jet Skiing in Andaman Islands

Jet Ski Ride Tour Package in Andaman Islands

Feel in control as you zip in your high-motored jet ski as your cruise through the ocean at your own pace. As the powerful motor splits the water and heads into the sea, the adrenaline is sure to kick in. Jet Skiing in the Andaman Islands truly is an experience worth trying. Tourists enjoy the scenic ocean plunging right onto their water scooter, at such high speeds that thrill in itself cannot be undermined. Every child and adult’s dream is to ski ride through the water. People tend to satisfy their adrenaline rush by going crazy in the water. It is an activity full of fun and amusement. If you are looking for a water sports adventure like never before, a jet ski ride is the one for you. It lets you feel as if you are the queen or king of your jet, marching along the turquoise water.

How to Jet Ski?

Jet skis are jet-powered water scooters run by powerful engines. With no need for professional training to try jet ski rides, they are easy to operate and full of fun. Book your Jet Ski Ride Tour Package in Andaman & Nicobar Island with us.

Tips for Jet Skiing in Andaman Islands

  • Jet Skiing is an activity for both adults and children.
  • It is a safe ride and is best enjoyed during summers.
  • Jet Skiing in the Andaman Islands is strictly prohibited during monsoon and storms.
  • The price for a jet ski ride in Neil Island is rupees 500 for a single ride and rupees 850 for a double ride.
  • You can rent the jet ski for an hour or three depending on your convenience and the time available at hand.