5 best places for jet skiing in the Andaman Islands

Date : 05 Apr 2021
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Available throughout India, jet skiing is counted among the most enthralling water sports. The Andaman Islands is the best place to try your hand at this activity for a number of reasons. It has the right amount of thrill and pleasure that any adrenaline junkie could ask for. The cherry on the top, jet skiing in the clear waters of the Andamans is definitely a mesmerising experience. Grasping you at a high speed, a jet ski takes you to ride the powerful waves. The best part is that people of all age groups can enjoy this adventurous activity. Thus, it is a good way to cherish family time together. Moreover, the pricing for jet skiing is comparatively low with regard to various other water sports in the Andamans.

Jet skiing definitely stands out among all the water sports in the Andaman Islands. However, it is affected by weather conditions. It should not be done during a heavy downpour or a storm; otherwise, it would be highly dangerous. Therefore, before heading out to enjoy this superb activity, don’t forget to check the weather conditions first. And for your own safety, don’t stand up while driving the jet ski.

Things you should know about jet skiing in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands

  • Activity type: Fun and adventure

  • Suited for: Both adults and kids

  • Age limit: 10-60 years

  • Time duration: Ten minutes

5 best places for jet skiing in the Andaman Islands

You may think that the experience of jet skiing is the same everywhere, but that is not true. The experience is definitely far better when done at a top place. Andamans is a great destination where you can go for jet skiing, and there are some places there that have the right amount of current, wind, and ensured safety. These places offer you an unforgettable jet skiing experience.

  1. Corbyn’s Cove Beach (Port Blair)

    Corbyn Cove Beach in the capital city of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands is counted among the most popular tourist destinations on the island. Jet skiing is a preferred water sport there as it has a fair amount of thrill in it and at the same time, it is absolutely safe as well. When in Port Blair, don’t miss out on this activity at any cost. The thrilling ride on the powerful waves of the beach gives you the much-needed adrenaline rush. Its tides are comparatively high with regard to other beaches in the town. You fly above the water and dive through it. An experienced jet skier will accompany you at all times to keep you safe. Thus, anyone can go for this activity as your complete safety is ensured.

    Port Blair has a number of options for beach bums who are looking for the best beaches and islands to relax under the sun and laze around. Its nearby beaches are perfect for a rejuvenating escape that lets travellers soak in the beauty of Mother Nature. After a long day, all everyone wants is to take a leisurely stroll surrounded by peaceful beach vibes. Corbyn Cove is one of the most famous beaches in Port Blair. People come here for boating, water scooters, and jet skiing as well. It is easily accessible, and you can spend hours here while relaxing, shopping, and eating

  2. Water Sports Complex (Port Blair)


    Commonly known as Water Sports Complex, Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex is one of the top tourist attractions in Port Blair, the capital town. Locals as well as travellers love this place equally. The complex serves as a memorial for the battle between the British and the Andamanese that took place in 1859 and which is known as the Battle of Aberdeen. The complex spans around an area of two kilometers. It was built as a park for relaxing and walking. You can reach there easily by taking the stairs down from the Cellular Jail. There are a lot of activities that you can do at the complex and jet skiing is the most popular one.

    Jet skiing is a popular water sport in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. You can ride a jet ski and have fun on the mighty waves. If you love speed and want to whizz over the powerful waters of the Bay of Bengal, then this adventurous water activity is just for you! Also, if you don’t want to ride, then you can just enjoy the adrenaline rush by sitting behind the trainer

  3. Elephant Beach (Havelock Island)


    If you are looking for an adrenaline rush while vacationing in the Andamans, then jet skiing is what you need to do. Opt for this thrilling water ride if you are a big fan of adventure sports and speed. It is sure to offer the ultimate adventure experience. If you are not confident enough to try several other underwater activities, then jet skiing at Elephant Beach stands as the best option for you. An exhilarating experience, make your Andaman holidays fun-filled and memorable with this water sport. Indulging the adventuresome side of your personality, jet skiing is an action-packed ride that is a must-do here. While you zoom on the calm waters and feel the wind, admire the clear blue water and splendid coastlines of the Andamans that are sure to leave you awestruck. For an invigorating experience on the seas, just hop on a jet ski at the gorgeous Elephant Beach.

    Elephant Beach is heaven! It is beautiful beyond any words. It is like a huge, endless blanket of different shades of blue. The grandeur of bright green trees grown on white sand below the white clouds that look like cotton candy tucked in a clear blue sky is indescribable. There are a variety of beautiful shells spread all over the place like jewels. The splendor of this beach cannot be described in any words or photographs. You get to feel it yourself by seeing it with your own eyes. Apart from getting surrounded by an aura of magnificence here, you can also indulge in an underwater fun activity- sea walking. Earlier, scuba diving could also be done there but now that has been discontinued and is open for sea walking only.

    There is no road network to reach this beach. One has to take either ferry or trek for an hour to get there.

  4. North Bay Island


    A must-see island in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands that promises to make your vacation super special is North Bay Island. It is located near Phoenix jetty in Port Blair. The corals spread over the extensive region of North Bay Island are majestic. You can spot different fishes, lobsters, or even shellfishes on the coral reef. While you are on this island, you can appreciate the natural beauty of the whole region.

    Andaman Island, the untouched Indian union territory, is a storehouse of adventure sports for adrenaline junkies from all over the world. Especially famous for its water sports, North Bay Island is popular for offering such activities that can be enjoyed by swimmers as well as non-swimmers. The island is famous among adventure seekers owing to the diversity of water sports one can experience here. Having a multitude of activities available for one and all, no one can get bored on this little piece of paradise. Jet skiing is one such activity that can be done here by tourists of all age groups.

    If you are a nature lover or marine life enthusiast, then you will be amazed to see the lovely coral reefs that are extremely appealing. If you consider yourself a water baby and the ocean is your second home, then North Bay Island should be your next stop. The splendor of coral reefs is sure to take your breath away. This island is a paradise for adventure seekers. Here, you can spend some quality time enjoying the sights of nature while basking under the sun. Adrenaline junkies can indulge in activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, sea walking, jet skiing, and more.

  5. Bharatpur Beach (Neil Island)


    Neil Island is famous for jet skiing. The Bharatpur Beach here is known for the beautiful and colorful coral formation. That’s why the population of fishes is more here. This beach is a must-visit on this island owing to the coral population. The place is a popular spot for fishing and angling as well. The beach is the perfect place to try your hand at jet skiing as it has the required amount of water current.

    Some of the prettiest beaches in the Andamans are located in Neil Island, and Bharatpur Beach is one of them. The scenic beaches boast white sands and uninterrupted views of the clear blue skies. During monsoon, the sight changes entirely as the sky becomes way too dramatic. Evenings here are the best moments to view nature at its best. If you are willing to spend a relaxed time amid long secluded beaches, then this beach is best suited for you. It is like a gold mine for solo backpackers as well, especially solo female travellers.

    Excited to try jet skiing at any one of these best places in the Andaman Islands? All you have to do is contact Andaman Island Travels to make all the bookings for you. Its experienced tour operators will take care of all your travel requirements including accommodation as well. If you are in the planning stage of your vacation in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, then contact Andaman Island Travels to make all your bookings. A well-known and trusted tour agency, it is located in Port Blair and is committed to help you in planning the holiday of your dreams as per your budget and requirements. If you are also seeking that thrill and natural splendor, then choose us to design the best tour package for you. Whether you want to see the most popular points of interest or explore the unexplored, just brief our experienced team and they will give you nothing but the best!

    Quaint beaches, crystal clear blue water, and rich history make the Andaman Islands the best choice for a relaxed, fun-filled vacation. Whether you want to go for long treks, sunbathe or enjoy deep-sea diving, this little paradise has something for everyone.

    The Andaman Islands, the union territory of India located in the Bay of Bengal, comprise nearly 600 islands, islets and rocks. Among these, only around 40 are inhabited till date. Speaking of major tourist attractions across the islands, Port Blair- the capital city, is among the top choices. Along with that, there are so many other pristine islands that are capable of mesmerising travellers from around the world. These islands promise 360-degree entertainment to you whether you are a history buff, a beach bum, or an adrenaline junkie. Here, you have the most fabulous photo opportunities, enthralling water sports activities such as jet skiing, scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, parasailing, and so many others, along with secluded destinations that are waiting to get explored by adventurers like you.

    The Andaman Islands is a highly preferred travel destination among honeymooners and families because of its natural marvels. But you should know that the island has a lot to offer to a solo traveller as well, irrespective of gender. The place is extremely safe for everyone. The best time to visit the islands is from October to May. The below-mentioned attractions should be included in your travel itinerary if you want to see the best of the Andaman Islands. Let’s get ready to dive into this amazing jewel of the Bay of Bengal! Get set go for an ultimate solo backpacking journey!

    So what are you waiting for? Plan your adventurous trip to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands and get, set, go! It is the hotspot of a number of water sports and trying all of them while holidaying here would be the best thing to do. People of all age groups will find something interesting to do here!

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