How To Reach The Andaman Islands

Date : 05 Nov 2020
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The fastest and the most convenient mode of transport to reach Andaman Islands is by flight. Port Blair is the capital city of Andaman & Nicobar Islands, and a majority of tourists arrive here at Veer Savarkar International Airport. Flights only arrive from mainland India and require a detour from other cities to Port Blair, in case of international travel. Another way to make this journey is via ship, but this mode of transport takes longer to arrive at its destination.


Domestic Travel -

Located in the capital city of Port Blair, Veer Savarkar International Airport is the only commercial airport in Andaman Islands. Domestic flight services in India have daily flights from major Indian cities. There are direct daily flights to Port Blair (Veer Savarkar International Airport) from major cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, and Chennai. Furthermore, on some days, there are flights available from Visakhapatnam.

International Travel -

International flights coming in are subject to fulfilment of criteria from the Director-General of Civil Aviation. Foreign nationals need to obtain these permissions and carry documental proofs while travelling. If you are a foreign tourist, you will need to get a permit from the immigration authorities upon your landing. The initial one lasts for 30 days and can be extended by another 15 days.

Flying in a Private Plane -

For those with a penchant for the better things in life, a private flight to Andaman Islands will allow you to give a miss to connecting flights and layovers and travel as per your schedule. You will need to associate with a local expert who can organize permissions from various authorities, ground handling services, customs, immigration clearances, hotel accommodations and transport.

Suggestion:  Take an early morning flight so that you can make use of the rest of the day. However, one needs to be cautious of the schedules of flights, during monsoon. Due to heavy rains and cloudy skies, flights are delayed or cancelled.

Sea Route:

Sailing in a Ship-

Passenger ships operate from Chennai, Kolkata and Visakhapatnam. The sailing schedules are announced a month in advance so you’ll need to keep a lookout for it. The voyage takes approx 50 – 60 hours and sailings happen on an avg of 3-4 days in a month. The ships sailing between Andaman Islands and mainland India are passenger ships and not cruise ships offering a limited choice of food and entertainment options.

Yacht sailing trip -

A sailing adventure matches none in its thrills. Yacht ships sail to the Andaman Islands from all around the world. These trips need to be well chalked out and require multiple documentation formalities, e.g. entry permissions, arrival formalities, departure formalities etc. If you plan to sail to Andaman Islands, make sure you connect with an experienced travel agency.

Getting Around Andaman Islands :

Getting to Port Blair -

The airport is located at Port Blair and multiple domestic air carriers like Air India, Jet Airways, Go Air and Spice Jet airlines offer their services in this region. Direct and Connecting flights are also available from various cities of India to this airport.

Getting to Havelock Island (Swaraj Dweep) -

Havelock Island is one of Andaman’s crowning jewels. It is a slice of paradise wrapped in vibrant corals, blue waters and fine powdery sand. Also known for its thrilling water sports, it is an ideal destination to set your foot in. A walk along the pristine coastline is the best way to soak up the charm of Havelock Island. It is also the home to Radhanagar Beach, which is titled as the best beach in Asia by leading publishers. Private and government ferries operate daily between Port Blair and Havelock Island as well as Neil Island and Havelock Island. The air-conditioned private ferries take 1.5 hours from Port Blair and 1 hour from Neil Island. When it comes to the Government ferries, the booking needs to be made four days in advance. The private ferries offer hassle-free services and booking experience while ensuring the fastest way to commute between islands. Hence, As a tourist, we recommend you to opt for private ferries. Helicopter services are not available for tourists. They usually cater to special occasions and emergencies on the island.

Getting to Neil Island (Shaheed Dweep) -

Shaheed Dweep, formerly known as Neil Island is a tranquil piece of land nestled in the Ritchie's Archipelago and belongs to the South Andaman Islands administrative district. Featuring a lush green landscape packed with fields and coconut palms, it is a paradise for nature lovers. The sublime beaches with turquoise blue waters create a picturesque frame and offer immense photography opportunities to travellers and enthusiasts. If you are the kind of person who fancies a tropical island, it does not get better than this! The easiest way to reach Neil Island is by hopping on a government or a private ferry, the private ferry being a better and comfortable option. Bookings can be made online in advance. It takes about 1.5 hours to reach Port Blair from Neil island and about 1 hour from Havelock island.

Getting to North Andaman Islands (The regions of Baratang, Rangat, Mayabundar and Diglipur) -

One of Andaman Island’s best-kept secrets- This region is known for its virgin beauty and is often characterized by lush forests, pristine beaches and turtle nesting sites. The north Comprises of Rangat Island, Baratang Island, Diglipur Island and Mayabunder Island. It is indeed one of those pristine locations that will allow you to reconnect with yourself. Only government ferries operate in North Andaman Islands. You get to know the schedules for only four days in advance, and we advise you to get updated with ferry schedules before the trip. On most days, ferries sail to Baratang Island, Rangat Island and Diglipur Island. However, ferries operate once in 5 days to Mayabunder Island region. The most common option which people prefer is travelling by road. Private and government buses, chauffeured car services for hire, are also available for the same. The duration of this journey can be a 6 to the 8-day affair. But if road trips enthrill you, this trip might work for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take sea-planes around Andaman Islands?
Sea-planes are not functional.

Can I take helicopters around Andaman Islands?
Helicopter services are available around Andaman Islands. But tickets are not available for tourists.

Can we travel to Andaman Islands By Train?

Can we reach Andaman Islands By Bus?

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