Cost of Water Sports in the Andaman Islands

Date : 29 Apr 2021
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The Andaman Islands, the most gorgeous union territory of India, are popular all over the world for being the hub of the most exciting water sports and activities. It has places like Port Blair (the capital town) and Havelock Island (now known as Swaraj Dweep) that offer excellent water activities to satisfy your craving for an adrenaline rush. The best part is that these are absolutely under your budget.

In this article, let us give you complete information about the water sports in the Andaman Islands and their costs.

Cost of Water Sports in the Andaman Islands

Water Sports in Port Blair

Sea Kart


This vibrant and tropical paradise is a hub of aqua sports, and thus if you are a sea lover or love water sports, then you have a lot to do in the Andaman Islands. Sea Kart in Port Blair is comparatively a newer water sport in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands but it has gained immense popularity over a very short period of time. It was introduced in the year 2020 in the capital city of the Andaman Islands. India is the third country where sea karting was launched. Before it, it was introduced in only two destinations in the world—Mauritius and Dubai. The novel watercraft built like a go kart offers you the best of adventure and thrill in one single adventure. In this, you have to self-drive the sea kart under the guidance of a licensed instructor along the lovely coast of Port Blair on a long route.

While going for it, you will realise that the activity is completely worth your money. People coming under the age bracket of 18 and 60 years are allowed to drive the kart whereas those between six to seventeen years of age can sit on it.

Price: Starting from Rs.3,500 per person

Semi Submarine Ride


Do you want to go on a submarine ride in the magical depths of the Andamans? A highly thrilling adventure, you should indulge in this amazing experience while vacationing on the island. Witness the rich underwater marine life closely while sitting in the comforts of a semi-submarine. It will take you on an exciting ride above the multicolored corals and amid a plethora of unique fish.

Price: Starting from Rs.1,850 per person

Water Sports in Havelock Island



Parasailing is an incredible water sport that anyone can enjoy in the Andaman Islands. It offers a fantastic combo of water and airborne adventure. While harnessed in a parachute, you are tied behind a motorboat with a rope. As the boat speeds off into the sea, you start flying like a kite in the sky! You may get to dip into the water as well. The whole experience is extremely enthralling! This activity is something that you should not miss at any cost in the Andamans. And yes, wear clothes in which you can move comfortably.

Price: Rs.3,500 per person

Sea Walking


Sea Walking in Havelock Island is an exclusive water activity that is available in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands only in India. People of all age groups can participate in this mesmerising water sport. Whether you are with your family members, friends, partner, or alone, sea walking in Havelock Islands is sure to give you a lifetime of magical memories. Explore the miraculous underwater life of the Andamans when you are under the water surface and are walking smoothly on the seabed of a pristine beach. You can walk past the exotic aqua life and the breathtaking coral reefs with the help of a visor and a special helmet. A vacation in the serene Havelock Island will let you explore the ocean mysteries at their finest.

Price: Rs.3,500 per person



Havelock Island has some of the best spots for snorkeling in India. You will notice the colorful reefs of the ocean shining through your underwater goggles. You can have a look at the marine life and the rarest corals while performing this activity on this island.

Price: Starting from Rs.1,000 per person to Rs.1,500 per person



Kayak your way through the fabulous mangrove forests. You can also choose to club kayaking with snorkeling or going for a night kayaking tour. Anyone can do this fun activity as you don’t need to be a swimming expert. But make sure that you do it with a certified instructor for an exciting and fun-filled experience.

Price: Starting from Rs.3,000 per person

Jet Skiing


Jet skiing definitely stands out among all the water sports in Havelock Island. However, it depends on weather conditions. It should not be done during a heavy downpour or a storm; otherwise it would be highly dangerous. Therefore, before heading out to enjoy this superb activity, don’t forget to check the weather conditions first. And for your own safety, don’t stand up while driving the jet ski.

Price: Starting from Rs.750 per person

Glass Bottom Boat Ride


In glass-bottom boating, you have to be in a tiny boat with the bottom made up of glass. As it sails through the sea, you can have a glimpse of the water. This is very popular in Havelock Island. You have to wear a life jacket while you are enjoying the ride. One of the finest sea sports, it is a magical experience for sure. When in Havelock Island, do not miss this activity.

Price: Starting from Rs.600 per person

Banana Boat Ride


Banana boat rides are known to have the perfect blend of fun and adventure. This splendid and exciting activity is a must-try in the Andaman Islands. These boats are shaped like a banana and are tied behind a speed boat to gain speed. A total of six people can ride on these boats, and that includes an instructor as well. It is absolutely safe as everyone is given a life jacket. Don’t hold yourself back and go for this activity when in the Andamans. It is counted among the best sports here.

Price: Starting from Rs.1,000 per person

Scuba Diving


Andaman Island has a number of scuba diving centres from where you can get your PADI certification (basic and advanced levels). But to go for your first fun dive, you don’t need any kind of certification. If you don’t know swimming, even then it is absolutely fine. The miraculous natural marine life under the enchanting waters of the island is waiting for you. Scuba diving is the best water activity in the world, and doing it for the first time in Havelock Island would be an experience of a lifetime for you. Whether you are a swimmer or a non-swimmer, this activity is an excellent option for you. To enjoy it to the fullest, always listen to your instructor and follow his instructions.

Price: Starting from Rs.3,500 per person

Game Fishing


You can go for an enthralling fishing adventure in the great Andaman Sea. The whole activity will take two-four hours. Right from the very beginning, learn how to fish while cruising along the sea.

Price: Starting from Rs.13,000 per person

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