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Date : 20 Oct 2020
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One among the many splendid islands in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Inglis Island is situated approximately 57 kilometers from Port Blair, the capital city. It is known for its vast diversity of coral reefs and wildlife. Its vast stretch of the treasure of green waters is mesmerizingly beautiful. Having picture-perfect sand beaches and deep jungle, the island is absolutely isolated. Probably, you will notice there strange smells and sounds. Couples find this place perfect for spending memorable holidays. The best time to visit Inglis Island is during the period of October to March. Located at few kilometers away from Havelock Island (now known as Swaraj Dweep), you can reach Inglis Island via a boat. It is advisable to carry enough cash in hand while visiting this place.

Everyone, especially nature enthusiasts, love spending quality time on a beach in Inglis Island that offers gorgeous scenic views. The area is popular for its rich underwater life. Therefore, you can go for snorkeling. You can also try fishing there or go for trekking. A resort, hotel, and restaurant can be found on the island. Havelock Island attractions like Inglis Island can be center stage of your vacation plans.

In the year 1971, Inglis Island was announced as the Island of the Wildlife. The island is home to tropical green forests and rich vegetation. Surrounded by radiant coral reefs and white sand beaches, it is known for the preservation of a rich diversity of flora and fauna. Also, there are huge rocks covered with dense plants at the beach. There are about 135 species of coral reefs which include bleached, dead, live, and genera corals. A spectacular sight is presented by the aqua blue water and the green landscapes. The stunning beauty of Inglis Island will mesmerise you for sure. Spending a holiday at Inglis Island is a great beach vacation idea. If you are a nature lover, then you can spend your time observing the marvelous views of the island. Couples, families, and young enthusiasts love to visit the beach. Everyone loves walking on the sandy seashores and strolling with a relaxed mind in the shallow turquoise water. Spend a summer afternoon here and beat the heat. The beach will rejuvenate and refresh you completely. If you love adventurous activities, then you can try scuba diving in Inglis Island. Boating is another leisure activity. While visiting Havelock Island, don’t forget to add this island in your travel itinerary.


  • Best time to visit: Morning, afternoon, evening
  • Facilities: Food Stalls, washrooms, accommodation
  • Recommended hours: Minimum of three hours
  • Best visited with: Group, solo, couple, family
  • Allowed: Camera, video, footwear
  • Entry: Free
  • Popular among: Fun lovers, photo fanatics, nature lovers, experience seekers

Inglis Island belongs to the South Andaman administrative district, part of the Indian union territory of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. It lies 67 kilometers (42 miles) northeast from Port Blair, the capital city. The island is named after Major-General Sir John Eardley Wilmot Inglis. Inglis Island belongs to the Ritchie’s Archipelago and is located west of John Lawrence Island. A popular tourist beach located on the island’s west coast is Chain Nalah point. It has some picnic tables on it. Politically, this uninhabited island is part of Port Blair Taluk.

There are more than 200 islands in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands and Inglis Island is one among them. It is situated approximately 57 kilometers from Port Blair. Its vast diversity of coral reefs, wildlife, and green waters generate a spell in the mind of visitors. On reaching Port Blair, you can take a ferry to reach Havelock Island. From there, you can get on a small boat to reach Inglis Island. You can plan an itinerary in such a way that you explore the beauty of Havelock islands and the nearby beaches too. This journey is surely going to be memorable.

Inglis Island is blessed with the best of nature in the form of virgin beach bordering the turquoise sea. This is the ultimate proof of God’s vivid imagination. The white and golden sands of the beach meet the blue waters of the sea. Green shades of the tropical forests create stunning scenery all across the archipelago. Along with the spellbinding beauty, Inglis Island also has in store plenty of experiences that make it an ideal holiday destination for vacationers who also happen to be adventure junkies. Every kind of traveller must explore this tiny paradise as it is an exciting as well as a calm destination at the same time.

Quaint beach and crystal clear blue water make Inglis Island the best choice for a relaxed, fun-filled vacation. Whether you want to go for long treks, sunbathe or enjoy deep-sea diving, this little paradise has something for everyone. There is a lot to explore and thus, to help you in designing your itinerary, we present you with the best travel guide. The island is straight out of a fairytale! It has a picture-perfect look owing to its clear blue waters and white sand beaches that are lined with lush green trees. The island promises you a perfect blend of adventure and scenic beauty with the long treks and fascinating backwaters.

It has some of the most scenic spots for travel and nature lovers. The entire island is amazingly gorgeous. Nature lovers and beach bums never miss going there. If Andaman Island is a crown, then Inglis Island is its most precious gem! Your search ends at this island if you are looking for surreal natural surprises. It is home to thriving biodiversity, unexploited coral reefs, white sandy beaches, adventurous experiences, a notable population of birds and animal life, and a lot more. The scenic beach boasts of white sands and uninterrupted views of the clear blue skies.

Are you planning to have a wonderful vacation in Andaman Island- the most beautiful union territory of India? If you want to do something different and rare that not many people do, then you should keep at least one day for Inglis Island. Known for its natural wonders, the island is endowed with unique natural splendor. You would need a few hours to explore and soak into its beauty.

What tourists have to say about Inglis Island?

The smaller parts of the Havelock Island- This is only a small trip by a small boat that you can take from Havelock Island. Enjoy the beauty of its beach and calmness. A short boat ride from Havelock- This is a small island which is a short boat ride from Swaraj Dweep. It offers great views but it is advisable to visit only if you are travelling in a group of people.

India is beautiful- I actually feel proud to say that I am an Indian. I have fallen in love with my country even more after knowing about this lovely place to visit.

Away from the city hustle-bustle- If you are a group of ten to twelve people, then surely try to visit this place from Port Blair. It is a full day activity because you have to take a private ferry and come back by 4 PM. Carry your own food with you as you will have limited options on Inglis Island.

Amazing beaches, nice corals!- I visited Inglis Island recently on my visit to the Andaman Islands. It is a nice island with serene beaches. If you are looking for snorkeling and scuba diving, then this island is the perfect place to do it. The colour of the corals here is unreal. You will fall in love with the whole experience!

Wonderful scenic beach- It is always better to visit with groups if you are planning to visit such a small island. There is a ferry from Havelock Island jetty to this place. It has beautiful white sand and blue water. You will feel like you are in mini Mauritius.

Simply wonderful- Travelling to this island has been an amazing life experience. I would love to go there again.

Small but beautiful- Inglis Island is a short boat ride away from Havelock Island and it is awesome. It is a lovely peaceful beach that is gorgeous. It is a great place for snorkeling as it has lovely colourful marine life. It is a nice place to chill, relax, and spend quality time. I really enjoyed my visit.

A pristine beach- It is one of the most serene islands in the Andaman Islands. A short boat ride from Havelock Island, and you are here. It is one of the best sites for snorkeling and I wish I had a camera to record the colours of fishes we saw. Unfortunately, we took this trip without a dive shop and so, I didn’t have an underwater camera.

Rocky Island with lovely views- This is an island to which all speed boats, water scooters, etc. will take you. It is an ideal spot to take photographs.

The incomparable beauty of Inglis Island

The natural beauty of Inglis Island can surprise whosoever visits the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Not many people know about its splendid beauty. But those who end up here are left awestruck by the attractions it offers. You can cherish gorgeous beaches with pristine sand. It is mostly visited by those tourists who are looking for something rare. Still not commercialised completely, the place is still growing as a tourist destination. It can be a preferred place for those looking for an exciting adventure as well as exploration. It is mostly visited by travellers, not tourists. We hope you understand that! Inglis Island is so much more than only sea and sand. If you want to witness impressive natural attractions, then you should spend time here. The surrounding sights are amazingly beautiful as well.

Out of more than 500 islands in the Andaman and Nicobar group, only around 40 islands are inhabited. Dense rain forests cover the remaining islands. They are home to nature’s best-kept secrets. In Inglis Island, you can get a glimpse of this hidden paradise. Being away from human habitation, it is an ideal getaway for nature lovers. You are going to be spellbound by the serenity of the island for sure. So, are you ready for the best vacation of your life?

The geographical location of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands

An extension group of islands is formed with the island of Andaman and Nicobar. Located in the Bay of Bengal, the capital of the Indian union territory is a small town known as Port Blair. Andaman Island is one of the most remote yet beautiful tourist destinations in the country. It is a perfect vacation place for people who love seclusion or those who seek a little peace and quiet.

There are no direct international flights to the islands. You can reach there by catching a flight to Port Blair from either Chennai or Kolkata. The majority of the island is uninhabited. However, it is home to various Aboriginal tribes like the Andamanese, Sentinelese, Onge, Shompens, etc. Detached from the modern-day society, these tribes have little or no contact with the outside world. There are some parts of the islands that can be visited only with special permission from the government, while there are some parts that cannot be visited at all. Some of the best experiences of untapped wildlife are provided by these deserted islands.

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