Latest Information on Travelling to Andaman Islands?

  • A four week long curfew on the islands

    Updated: 26 May 2021

    There is an ongoing four-week long curfew on the island owing to rising COVID-19 cases.

  • Tourist attractions closed till further notice

    Updated: 29 May 2021

     Tourist attractions attracting large gatherings closed till further notice.

  • RT PCR report on arrival

    Updated: 29 May 2021

    A negative RT PCR report has to be presented by all passengers on arrival.

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  • All passengers will be required to go through thermal screening.
  • All incoming passengers have to carry the RT-PCR negative test report issued from an ICMR approved lab. The test should have been taken within 48 hours. RT-PCR timeline begins from the swab collection time. Any passenger without it will be sent back to the origin. Also, handwritten reports are not acceptable.
  • Along with having the negative RT-PCR report, all incoming passengers will undergo Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) upon arrival at designated testing centers that are located within two kilometers of Veer Savarkar International Airport, Port Blair.
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  • Activities attracting huge crowds such as the Light and Sound Show at Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Island and National Memorial Cellular Jail, water sports, beaches, and other such activities have been suspended across all three districts for another four weeks starting from May 20, 2021.
  • A new standard operating procedure for adventure water sports has been issued.
  • Travelling to North and Middle Andaman Islands, Nicobar group of islands, and Little Andaman Island is not allowed for tourism purposes as of now.
  • The ongoing night curfew has been extended by one hour from 9 pm to 5 am.
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  • Even if the test of the result conducted on arrival is negative, all passengers still have to home quarantine for a week.
  • Any passenger with a positive test result will be sent for institutional quarantine for further treatment.
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  • Regular flights to Port Blair (the capital of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands) are operational now.
  • There are direct flights from Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore, and Delhi.
  • Public transports like cabs, taxis, and bus services are also functional.
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Travellers should carefully follow social distancing norms and wear masks as well. Also, before making any booking, they should refer to the latest travel news on the government website of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

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Know All About Exploring Parrot Island: A Delight For Bird Watchers

Date : 20 Oct 2020
Categories: Travel Guide

Welcome to the abode of parrots! A must-see for nature lovers, bird watchers, and enthusiasts, Parrot Island is a little piece of heaven where beautiful parakeets make a cacophony and come and leave the island during sunsets. This is the highlight of this unique island. It is considered as one of the most gorgeous islands in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Offering a magnificent view of the vast sea while taking a boat ride, Parrot Island is naturally inhabited by thousands of parrots. It is secluded and is surely a visual treat for nature lovers.

Forming a part of the Baratang Island in the Indian union territory of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Parrot Island is considered as one of the most beautiful islands. This uninhabited island is a bird paradise and is naturally inhabited by thousands of parrots. Nature lovers and enthusiasts never miss to include this in their travel itinerary. Along with that, the island also presents a splendid view of the vast sea while taking a boat ride.

About Parrot Island

The island is counted among the most fantastic islands located in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. It is a part of Baratang Island. It is well-connected via road that gives you an option to travel by car or bus and take NH233 towards Diglipur, positioned 30 kilometers from Baratang Jetty. It is a great destination where you can witness different species of birds that includes many rare species as well. Parrot Island in Andaman Island has proved to be a wonderful holiday destination for everyone- families, friends, couples, and solo travellers.

The entire Parrot Island is surrounded by dense Mangrove forests that are home to a number of birds. You will come across amazing varieties of birds once you step into the forest. You will be transported to a different world. This mangrove forest stands as the perfect place of wilderness. The more you will go inside the forest, the more you will like to explore it. During sunsets, you will find that the birds start returning to their homes. The whole setting will look out of a fairytale. If you are carrying a camera, you should capture this precious moment. It will be a lifetime achievement for you and your companion.

How to reach Parrot Island?

You first have to arrive at Baratang Jetty that is at a distance of 30 kilometers. The small dinghy boat ride to the parrot paradise takes about half an hour. The water around the mangroves is said to have saltwater crocodiles. Thus, you must keep your hands off when you are in the boat. The nearest airport to Parrot Island is in Port Blair, the capital city. You can take a bus or car on NH233 towards Diglipur Island.

What you can see and do in Parrot Island?

While in the Andaman Islands if you want to have a completely unique experience, then you have to visit Parrot Island for sure. This tiny paradise will meet your desires for spending an unforgettable trip. Along with being an absolute bliss for bird lovers, it is also an exotic location that is to various species of birds. If you are a bird lover, then you should not miss the chance to explore this paradise of birds. This destination brings you very close to nature. You can always plan a trip with your friends and family to this place. This article will help you in knowing all the important details about visiting Parrot Island.

Birding paradise and its legends- Parrot Island is not less than a paradise for bird watchers. The locals of Baratang said that a group of five parrots visit the island every evening for inspection of the place. After an interval of around ten minutes, a huge number of parrots come and settles down in the mangrove forest. The island is very famous for offering great opportunities for bird watching. You can come across various rare bird species when you visit this place. The soothing whistles of the bird will take you to a world away from all the worries and stress. So while you are there, you can spot some of the most gorgeous birds and click their beautiful photographs.

On Parrot Island, you can indulge yourself in various exciting activities that you can opt for when you plan your vacation in the Andaman Islands. Your journey to this island is going to be amazingly adventurous!

Boating- The boat ride to and fro from the island offers a magical view of the mangroves to tourists. They can also see the delightful view of hundreds of parakeets hovering over the forest. Best for capturing a beautiful scene! Isn’t it?

Mangrove Forest- An interesting fact about the mangrove forest in Parrot Island is that the parrots visiting the place every day at regular intervals trim it. They use their beaks to do so. Therefore, the forest is always in perfect shape naturally.

Scuba Diving- It is one of the most incredible activities that you can enjoy on Parrot Island. You will be on another level of enthralling adventure. You will come across several types of sea creatures that may swim around you once you get into the water. You can touch them and feed them as well. PADI certified trainers will be there to assist you while you are doing this activity. Scuba diving is something that you should not miss on Parrot Island.

Snorkeling- The serene blue sea of Parrot Island is also perfect for snorkeling. Along with scuba diving, you can go for scuba diving as well. You will have to use specialised equipment to do this exciting water activity. If you have never indulged in this activity before then this is your chance to tick off snorkeling from your bucket list.

Jet Skiing- It is another water sports activity that is mostly preferred by the tourists visiting this island. Local trainers and instructors can teach you the right way to do this activity. One can easily perform this activity in any type of water. You will get an amazing experience after performing this. The best thing is that even non-swimmers can also do it. However, to be on the safer side, you must learn how to float in water, if not swim.

Explore nature- Parrot Island is a natural paradise and exploring natural beauty here should be in everyone’s bucket list, especially if you are a nature lover. If you are tired after all the sightseeing and water activities, then you can just relax on the beach and appreciate the natural beauty of the place. Its charm is hard to describe in words. Easily available on the beach, you can sip fresh and sweet coconut water and enjoy your island vacation.

Places to visit near Parrot Island

After exploring the whole island, you can visit the below-mentioned places that are nearby Parrot Island:

Baratang Island

If you want to do something different and rare that not many people do, then you should keep at least one day for Baratang Island. Known for its natural wonders, the island has impressive and dense mangrove creeks that endow it with unique splendor. The first gateway up north from the capital city, Baratang Island is located between Middle and South Andaman Island. It is approximately 100 kilometers far from Port Blair and thus, you will need a full day to praise its beauty. This popular one-day trip destination features fascinating tidal swamp forests that are hard to see anywhere else. The island is slightly less developed, but still a wonderful natural delight. It is not a major tourist hub because not everyone knows about this hidden gem of Andaman Island. There are no tourist facilities, fancy restaurants or luxury accommodation here.

Limestone Caves

These are highly impressive and one of a kind natural marvel on earth. The caves feature rare stalactites, stalagmites and rock formations.

Sitapur Beach, Neil Island (Shaheed Dweep)

It is one of the best beaches to see if you wish to marvel at the changing hues of the sky during sunrise. Located in Neil Island, this beach receives a low tide. It is a stunning and clean beach. It is less crowded as well as not many people know about it. Therefore, going there is a peaceful choice. Due to so many rocks, swimming is not recommended on this beach.

North Bay Beach

Crystal clear cyan colored water with a shallow shoreline surrounds the North Bay Beach. It offers a magnificent underwater view. The beach is white sand and shaded by dense tropical trees with hints of huts and wooden benches to set the mood. You should not get into the water without a guide. It is not allowed as well. This was done for the protection of the visitors from unwanted sea dwellers and protection of the corals from any kind of interference.

Viper Island

If you are a true nature lover and want the much-needed ‘me-time’ surrounded by nature out there, then there is a long list of things that you can do and see in Viper Island. Trust us, the list is more than just lazing around in the beaches, soaking in their natural beauty and appreciate the greenery. You can spend your day sunbathing, swimming, and a lot more.

White sandy beaches, blue-green waters and tropical forests- all this personifies the natural and serene beauty of Parrot Island, which is located in the most beautiful union territory of India. It is the most gorgeous place if we talk about serene destinations in India. No other place can be compared with this stunning island. Whatever you desire for, lazing on the beach or watching birds, this island will offer you with everything. This is also a great place to visit with your partner to start the new chapter of life with your significant other. It attracts lovers from all over the world.

Newlyweds want to go to such places that don’t have crowds and have immense beauty. The tropical weather and vibes of the Andaman Islands make this island a perfect romantic spot. You can spend quality time here amidst the splendor of this destination. Its natural charm and incredible views are sure to fascinate both of you. Along with the pristine beach, you can also see wonderful natural marvels here. Strolling on the seashore and cherishing the loveliest sunset together is a perfect way to bond over.

What is the best time to visit Parrot Island?

The best time, which is also the peak season, to visit the island is winter through the beginning of summer. At other times, your trip is likely to get hampered by tropical storms. The best time to visit is winter as the temperature dips down making it pleasant for roaming. The winter months are between October and April. For a fabulous sunset, it would be best if you go to the island in the evening. It will give you a mind-blowing experience that is hard to be described in simple words. A gorgeous sunset is like a bonus for you during your visit to this trip. Spending time on Parrot Island is like getting indulged in the lap of nature. Don’t let this chance slip away!

Tourists from all over the world visit the island throughout the year. However, winter months are considered to be the most pleasant as during that time, visitors can laze around for a long time. The evenings are quite soothing and refreshing. To experience the rain, some people visit the place during the monsoon season. Even though going out of the hotel during the rainy season is a bit tough, but the nature enthusiasts still make their way to Parrot Island.

Tourists visiting Baratang often move on to see the limestone canes and mud volcano. But if you are willing to spend time especially on Parrot Island, then you can do so by getting yourself a customised Andaman Island Package. Connect with Andaman Island Travels today.

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