5 Easy Ideas To Plan Your Perfect Summer Wedding

Date : 24 Feb 2021
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The weather is warm, the days are long, and flowers are in full bloom, summer truly is a magical time of the year. After saying yes to the love of your life, you might be in the process of finalising a wedding date. But it doesn’t just stop there. Does it? You have yet to decide upon the shenanigans. Right from the decor to the cuisine served, there’s a lot that needs your attention while planning a wedding. Summer weddings have their charm, and we are here to bring you up to speed. What if we tell you that we have some fun and easy ideas that will make your wedding, unique, interesting, and a picture-perfect affair? Unconventional is the new conventional. Destination weddings are just another trend that became a norm after grabbing attention for their intimate and memorable take on weddings. So, let us begin at the beginning.

1. Take Vows At A ‘Cool’ Destination

Summers are a perfect time to sip on a pina colada while sunbathing on a beach. Well, imagine a beach wedding, under the shade of palm trees, and the perfect sound of the waves crashing against the shore, leaving little shells behind. Summer weddings can be a sultry affair when you are in the wrong place at the wrong time. With the right venue in hand, to get hitched and lo and behold, your summer wedding might just become a tale of its times. Though the first destination that pops in anyone’s head at the mention of the beach, is Goa, here is another place that is just right for a summer wedding. We agreed to take the unconventional route, did we not? Andamans in all its glory, with its exotic backdrop, crystal clear waters and famed beaches can be ideal for your D-day. A treasure trove of exquisite vistas, Andaman is full of things that can make you go gaga. Don’t you want a wedding that is as incredible and unique as you? Well, what better way to ensure that by deciding to take vows at a place we would like to call 'a little slice of paradise'! As songwriter Van Morrison says and we quote, "Smell the sea, and feel the sky. Let your soul and spirit fly."

2. Turn Your Outdoor Function Into A Pool Party!

An Indian wedding hardly is what you call a day’s affair. Unlike English weddings, our celebration lasts up to three to four days; to say the least. One of the days hosts functions for either Haldi or Mehndi or both combined. The best way to have an outdoor day-function in summers and literally not get fried in the heat is to turn it into a pool party. Summers are yet another chance of plunging into the waters and taking a chill pill. What better way to celebrate your Mehndi or Haldi, dancing to the pop chartbusters while playing in the pool with your friends and cousins? The photos during the function will definitely give out some major Bollywood vibes! It sure is a way to notch things up a little. With a poolside bar and a DJ on board, the guests are going to love it. And, so are you!

3. Take your cocktail party on a cruise!

While some wedding ceremonies revolve around the family, some functions are a treat, especially for your friends and cousins. A cocktail or an engagement party sounds like one of them. What can your cocktail party have in common with some dope Bollywood party songs, other than the drinks and glamour? Well, how do you like the idea of a cocktail cruise party? Andamans is a delight in summer. Owing to the star-studded night sky, the ocean below transforms into a shimmering sea of stars. With a live DJ, cocktails, mocktails, seafood cuisine, and your guests on board, the cruise will be ready to set sail in the evening. Put your dancing shoes on and swing to the tunes of your favourite dance number! Your close ones, a cruise, a celebration, hmm, where have we heard a song for that? Hint Hint, our pick for the same has to be, Gallan Goodiyan! What do you say?

4. Choose a unique theme!

Theme plays the most crucial role in a wedding. Choose breezy and fresh summer hues for the decor. The flowers can be arranged according to the season, adding a touch of summer in the ambience. You can also play around the idea of shells and sand while sending out the wedding invitation. Basically, you can experiment a whole lot with the theme and colours. While the attire most couples go with for a wedding is traditional, that doesn’t mean you can’t try different outfits for other functions. Experiment with breezy, flowy, breathable fabric and style. Remember, the backdrop is exotic on its own, and the right theme in hand might just accentuate everything.

5. Try your hand at water activities

Andamans and adventure go hand in hand. When the wedding preparations get a little overwhelming at times, there is no harm in letting go for a while and taking in your surroundings (we mean nature and not the chatter) to feel at ease. Even the guests might find themselves looking for ways to blow off some steam. What better way to this, than by indulging in a little aqua adventure? The vast ocean seduces you to take a dip and traverse the world of corals and fishes underwater. On your visit to Andamans, you have snorkelling, scuba diving, parasailing, undersea walking, speed boating, and kayaking at your fingertips. Might we also recommend an underwater photo shoot for the couple? You are welcome.

To plan your fairytale wedding in Andaman, get in touch with us and drop an inquiry here. Andaman Island Travels have been hosting events and weddings in Andaman and will connect with you at the earliest to understand your requirements. Congratulations and cheers! We would love to hear from you.

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